Grow Room Location

The first thing you need to do is select a good location for your grow room, if you have a basement this will be your best location. Managing the environment in a well insulated basement is relatively easy. Remember, you are going to become mother nature so keeping the environments temperature, humidity, and airflow consistent will be vital for your plants. A corner of the basement somewhere out of the way will do just fine. It will be a good idea to pick a location near a basement window so that you have access to fresh air to bring into the garden. If you live in a colder winter climate you might choose to locate near a furnace or water heater for the added heat during the dark hours.

If you do not have a basement then the best area will probably be a room located at the back of your home. You will definitely want to tear out any carpet that is in the area and black out the windows using the black visqueen plastic that is commonly found in local hydroponic shops. Leave blinds in place if you have them, just cover them with the black side of the plastic facing out, that way the windows will look normal to passers by.

These days you also have the option of purchasing collapsable grow tents. These are self-contained units that come in many different sizes depending on your application. They aren’t very expensive either so if you are not into building or tearing up a room in your home this might be the solution for you. They can be placed anywhere in the home where you have space.

Once you have the location picked out and before you build anything, you will want to make sure that the area has enough electrical capacity to support your application. So let’s move on to Grow Room Electricity Groom Room Electricity

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