Grow Tents: What’s the difference?

Sub $200 Grow Tents

We looked at the differences between entry level grow tents and the more expensive tents that often cost twice as much. After watching a video at a popular online hydroponics and gardening supply website we decided to pay about $50 more than the average entry level grow tent ($150) to see if their claims were true. The company explained how their returns department has to deal with grow tent problems like bad zippers and poor stitching on the entry level tents so they decided to design and make their own line of tents. The first thing we noticed is that we found their company branded tent for about $50 cheaper on ebay compared to their website and it was being sold by a generic hydroponics wholesaler, who appears to be the same company incognito as the emailed invoice receipt came directly from the regular company website. So we saved a few bucks buying on ebay. But was their tent any better than other entry level tents?

Meh. As for zippers, stitching etc., nothing much different than other entry level tents. All these tents leak bits of light so don’t expect perfection here. They appear to have tried to prevent light leaks by overlapping internal fabric over the zippers but it really wasn’t “100% Lightproof” as advertised and the zipper sometimes gets caught in the backing fabric. The tent came with metal support corners, this is important as all plastic wears out over time, so a plus there. The tent also came with a carry bag which is nice if you move around a bit. The only other thing to compare against cheaper tents is the fabric thickness, don’t buy a tent with less than 1680D polyester sheathing.

+ $200 Grow Tents

When considering professional grade grow tents Gorilla is the king. Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for anyone with a little extra $ laying around. Gorilla Grow tents are the tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tents on the market and can extend from 8′ to 10′ tall depending on which add-on you buy. The smartly engineered layouts position ducting ports right where they should be. The view windows on these tents are positioned high enough so that they aren’t totally useless like many bargain priced tents. Like most other tents, doorways offer 360 degree access. The super thick 1680D fabric is noticeably stronger than even the mid-range 600D polyester.

I probably wouldn’t bother with any of Gorilla Grow Tents lesser/mid-range products. If however you are looking for the best tent, then their 1680D models are the way to go.

Most if not all grow tents are made in China (probably made in the same building, likely the same room and then just branded appropriately) so consider yourself lucky if all the parts arrive as the boxes are often worn out by the time they make it to your door.

Ultimately you can buy a mid-grade 4′ x 8′ tent, a new air-cooled reflector, a new lamp, and a variac for about the same price as the professional grade grow tent. If this is your first go around at indoor gardening, going with the cheaper tent affords you the ability to get a bunch of other stuff too. If this isn’t your first rodeo then the more expensive tents upgraded sheathing, quality framing materials, and taller/adjustable height features may be the way to go. After deciding on what to buy, shop ebay and save yourself a few bucks.

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