Grow Room Setup

Let's Get Started

  • Find a location for your grow room
  • Construct your new space or partition it off from the rest of the room
  • Make sure you have adequate electricity for your space
  • Thoroughly clean your new space, this includes wiping down the walls and floor with a 5% bleach solution
  • Purchase reflective materials for the walls and visqueen plastic or other insulating materials for the windows
  • Purchase your ballasts, lighting fixtures/reflectors, light hangers and self taping eye bolts, bulbs, and a couple dual outlet timers
  • Purchase a separate fluorescent light and fixture, humidity dome(s), and heating pad for seedlings and clones
  • Purchase a carbon filter, a centrifugal fan for the carbon filter, a variable speed control for the carbon filters fan, a centrifugal fan for fresh air intake, a centrifugal fan(s) for your air cooled lighting fixtures, and the appropriate size and length of flexible ducting
  • Purchase a oscillating wall fan and hygrometer
  • Purchase your Reverse Osmosis water filter system, nutrients, pH test kit, TDS meter, water reservoir, spray bottles, & measuring spoons/cups
  • Purchase your hydroponic system or growing medium, seed starters, and containers
  • Get yourself some foam insulating panels from the hardware store to insulate the floor to keep your containers from getting too cold, or build an elevated surface to place your pants on
  • Purchase Gnatrol in case you have fungus gnats emerge from your growing medium (almost always in organic growing mediums)
  • Purchase some Neem for antifungal pretreatment of rooted clones and seedlings
  • Find some good seeds on the internet or local suppliers if you are fortunate enough to live in a state that allows it
  • If you weren't installing everything along the way let's get to it now
  • Now that everything is installed and functioning properly in your new grow room, you can move on to the Plants section for specific information and growing advice from experienced growers
Getting Started Checklist
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