Mars Hydro 2×2 Grow Tent

Mars Hydro 2.3x2.3 Grow Tent

We recently obtained the Mars Hydro 2.3×2.3×5.25 grow tent and were pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail in this entry level grow tent. Mars Hydro continues to raise the bar with their indoor gardening product line and we wanted to share our experience with you.

This is a quality tent advertised as having1680D fabric construction (and all the features shown at the right) but it is hard to tell for sure as the material feels different than the typical 1680D fabric you see on other tents. We actually like this material better because it has a smoother surface that is easy to wipe down and clean.

This would be an ideal size for a small SOG (Sea of Green) setup or for isolating a mother plant. Paired with the Mars Hydro SP-150 LED grow light you would have a nice little setup to get started growing.

If you are just getting started gardening indoors it might be a good idea to start smaller and work your way up. People often purchase a 4×8 tent initially and find themselves only utilizing half the space and trying to find ways to partition the grow tent down the middle.

Mars Hydro grow tents utilize heavy duty SBS zippers that will endure many openings and closings. We didn’t notice any light leaks with our test tent other than those we created with our intake and exhaust fans. The interior of their tents utilize the same diamond mylar also used in the more expensive Gorilla tents offering better light reflectivity and increasing overall PAR values in the growing space.

Typical configurations for a 2×2 grow tent are shown at the right (desktop) or down below (phone). The extra few inches you get in their 2.3×2.3 grow tent compared to the 2×2 really make this tent a better bargain. We wish their 2×4 utilized the larger 27″ deep format as well.

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