Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds with Colloidal Silver


Making feminized cannabis seeds is pretty simple and can save you from having to pay a premium with seed distributors. To make feminized cannabis seeds all you need is a distilled water colloidal silver solution that you can easily make at home. To get started you will need the following:

  1. Distilled Water
  2. 99.99 pure silver wire (can easily be found on amazon but check reviews to make sure others are happy with the silver they received)
  3. Glass Jar
  4. Qty 3-5: 9v batteries
  5. Some wire and a few alligator clips
  6. TDS Meter

Now you will want to build a contraption that looks like the next image.

You will want to let this device run until you have a solution of 30-60 ppm total dissolved solids. Make sure to check the solution every 30 minutes so that you can gauge how long you will have to run the device. You will want to clean your silver rods approximately every 30 minutes anyway to get the sludge off and keep things running cleanly. When you are done you will want to store your solution in a black or opaque container to avoid impurities from forming because of the light and then store in a dark area at room temperature. Make only enough that you will need and always use a fresh solution to avoid problems.

After you have the solution in a spray bottle you can spray selected branches of a female plant that is about 4 weeks into flowering (depending on your variety) and those branches will form male flowers that will pollinate the female flowers and produce your feminized seeds, pretty simple. Mark the branches with a tag of some sort if you are not doing the whole plant and then discard that plant after harvesting your seeds. Avoid consuming any material from treated plants unless you want to look like this guy.

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