Wing Reflectors

Adjust-A-Wing Reflectors

Adjust-A-Wing is really the only player in the wing reflector market. There are other manufacturers, but the Adjust-A-Wing reflectors are superior. Adjust-A-Wing is manufactured and distributed under license by Sunlight Supply in the United States. Wing reflectors do an amazing job of reflecting light down to the growing area and their open architecture helps to keep them cool. If you have a space that is already well ventilated, this reflector works great.

The Adjust-A-Wing reflectors come in large (1000w) and medium(600w & 400w) sizes, and of course are adjustable. These reflectors will give you a larger growing area and will reduce electrical consumption.

  • The large reflectors give you a growing area of 42 square feet (3.89 square meters) when using 1000w lamps
  • The medium reflectors when used with 600w lamps provide a growing area of 25 square feet (2.36 square meters)
  • The medium reflectors when used with 400w lamps provide a growing area of 14 square feet (1.25 meters squared)

These reflectors are modular and can be purchased with or without the lamp socket and cord. You can also purchase the double ended socket kit and diffuser separately to modify your reflector. An additional socket assembly can be added to a Large Adjust-A-Wings. Which allows operation of two 400 watt MH & HPS lamps or two 600 watt HPS lamps. The dimensions of these reflectors:

  • Large reflector dimensions: 28 in x 36 in, 37 in, 38 in, 39 in or 40 in
  • Medium Dimensions: 22 in x 24 in, 25 in, 26 in or 27 in

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector

Compared to conventional reflectors, the Adjust-A-Wing reflector performance benefits include:

  • 1000w or twin 400w or 600w lamps
  • 85% Larger Growing Area
  • 43% Saving In Electricity
  • 43% Less heat

The Avenger reflector is their top model & the super reflective surface (95 to 97% reflection) is vapour coated with molten glass and titanium dioxide. PVD / Ceramic coated. This is the most reflective & most durable reflective surface known to science at this time. It will maintain full reflection for up to 20 yrs.

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector

Adjust-A-Wing Double Ended Avenger Reflector

The DE (double ended) reflector has all of the same characteristics of the regular avenger reflector but is used with double ended lamps.

Adjust-A-Wing DE Reflector

Adjust-A-Wing HG Enforcer Reflector

The Enforcer model is their budget priced reflector. Reflection is approx 86% & guaranteed to maintain its full reflection for a minimum of 3 years. They state a reflective life expectancy for about 5+ years of continual use but “we can’t 100% guarantee that”. These reflectors work extremely well for the price you pay. This reflector is a great way for customers to try out a wing design without committing to the more expensive Avenger.

Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector
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