Mastering Indoor Grows

  • Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Amending Peat for Cannabis Cultivation

  • Nutrient Runoff Testing

  • Cannabis Nutrients Cheat Sheet

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  • Viparspectra XS Series LED Grow Lights

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Industrial Cannabis Grow Rooms and Medicinal Gardens

Poppy Cultivation

Learn how to grow poppies in the garden.

Nutrients & Deficiencies

Preventing and diagnosing cannabis nutrient deficiencies.

Grow Room Lighting

Understanding PAR, µmol, & thermodynamic temperature.

 Zombie Gardens Duct
Zombie Gardens – Industrial Cannabis Grow Rooms and Medicinal Gardens.

Grow Room Setup, Cannabis Nutrients, LED Grow Lighting, Cannabis Gardening Cheat Sheet, Cannabis Nutrient Runoff Testing, Soil pH Monitoring, Poppy Cultivation.

Grow Rooms, grow room location, grow room electrical requirements, grow room lighting, grow room environmental control, and grow room security.

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LED Grow Light Review


ViparSpectra XS Series LED Grow Lights

The impressive XS Series from ViparSpectra now features the HLG series Mean Well driver and Samsung LM301B LED Diodes for top efficiency and performance. These are really nice lights that would be a great addition to any garden. The smartly integrated dimmer allows you to buy a more powerful light that you can dim down to suit your current needs and then crank it up as your garden gets larger or to simply have the ability to adjust for each stage of growth. Here are the main features that elevate these new models above the previous ViparSpectra Professional Series:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Built-in dimmer switch, 5% – 100%
  • Silicone sealed waterproof LEDs
  • Passive cooling with larger-surface heat sink
  • New bare aluminum design helps dissipate heat quickly
  • 3000K-5000K spectrum
  • Quick disconnect power cable




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